Alain Gauthier’s upcoming book on evolutionary co-leadership

Announcing the publication of a book on evolutionary co-leadership in the Spring of 2013, both in English and in French.

Couverture Le co-leadership évolutionnaire

4 thoughts on “Alain Gauthier’s upcoming book on evolutionary co-leadership

  1. A very inspiring picture, quite consistent with the inspiring angle developped on the website, I am also looking forward to reading the book and I am grateful to both father and son for this website

  2. I can’t wait for your book! Evolutionary co-leadership… unprecedented collaboration is exactly what humanity wants to step into in our next version. Thank you for writing this book! I look forward to opportunities for collaboration in the future.

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Ece. I look forward to connecting with you as well. I am currently in France presenting the French version of the book while continuing to work on the English version, which, I hope will be published as a ebook in the middle of the Summer. July will be a more ‘spacious” time for me to connect. All the best, Alain

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