Leading a learning organization

A Two-Day Learning Program

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the characteristics of learning teams and organizations                                     and the new roles of leadership.
  • Begin to practice some of the learning disciplines as individual                                                 leaders and in a leadership team
  • Understand the role and personal responsibility of leaders in leading                                     change.

Proposed Agenda

Day One

  • Welcome, introductions and expectations.
  • Characteristics of a learning organization and new roles of leadership.
  • Fundamental barriers to organizational learning.
  • Surfacing and challenging mental models; conditions for dialogue; application to participants’ issues.
  • Building personal and shared visions; links between values, purpose, vision and strategy.
  • Evaluation of day one.

Day Two

  • Introduction to systems thinking.
  • Systems thinking and mental models: application to participants’ organizational issues.
  • Leadership’s role in creating a learning organization.
  • Dialogue on leading organizational change; personal change as prerequisite for effective leadership.
  • Conclusion and evaluation of the program.

Style and format

  • Each of the topics is approached in an experiential way, combining:
  • Short visual presentations, followed by questions and answers
  • Reflective and interactive exercises in pairs, small mixed groups                                                 and teams
  • Large group interactions and dialogue.

Suggested Advance Reading

  • “The Fifth Discipline _ The Art and Practice of the Learning                                                 Organization” by Peter M. Senge, Currency-Doubleday, 2006
  • “The Leader’s New Work: Building Learning Organizations” by Peter                                     Senge, Sloan Management Review, Fall 1990
  • “We Are What We Can Learn” by Joe Flower, Healthcare Forum                                     Journal, July/August, 1996.

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