Emerging concepts and forms of integral leadership: Embodying a radically new development paradigm

(Published in the Integral Leadership Review [1] – October 21, 2011)

My intention in this article is to explore emerging concepts and forms of integral leadership, pursuing how they can be scaled up to bring humanity – across the planet – onto an evolutionary and sustainable course. After offering some fresh distinctions about leadership, the article calls for a shift to a radically innovative development model and points to key qualities and practices of evolutionary leadership. I then share some views on the multiplying effects of an integral approach to leadership development – in the context of a transformation of education – and conclude with some avenues to disseminate these emerging leadership forms, so as to deal constructively with what Barbara Marx Hubbard 1 calls the current “birthing pains” of a new civilization. Continue reading

Stages of leadership development

(Article[1] published in Handbook of Top Management Teams Edited by Frank Bournois et al, Palgrave Macmillan, 2007)


Current global trends and crises call for executive leaders who demonstrate a high level of maturity in dealing creatively with increasing complexity, uncertainty, diversity, and paradoxes, and who engage in generative collaboration with leaders from other sectors (public, private, and civil society), thus enhancing organizational and societal learning. These leaders accelerate their own development through personal and interpersonal practices, as well as by being open to learning and showing vulnerability in their leadership role.  Continue reading